Business Insurance in Abington, Brockton, Easton, Fall River, and Randolph, MA

Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events such as the death of a partner, an injured employee, a lawsuit, or a natural disaster. But there isn’t just one policy for business insurance in Abington, it is made up of a variety of policies that are all lumped into the category of “business insurance”. So, which ones are right for you? What ones should you have? Work with the Boufides Insurance agency to learn what your options are and discuss the best ones for your business.

I Only Have A Few Employees, Do I Really Need Insurance?

Business Insurance in Abington, Brockton, Easton, Fall River, RandolphOnce you have employees, most states require that you carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is good because it helps to protect your employees and help them recover from a work-related injury or illness. And factors such as job risk, claims history and payroll size will make a difference in premiums and what coverages are needed. Regardless of what your business is in Easton or Randolph, your Boufides Insurance agent can help you protect your business and keep it running smoothly.

What If I’m Only Renting Office Space?

You have a nice small office in Brockton where you perform your work as a local accountant. Do you think you need business insurance? Absolutely you do! You could experience theft, vandalism, fire damage, storm damage, or more to your business and the tools that you use. But with your accounting services, you also open yourself up to potential lawsuits, so having professional business insurance is also a must. Again, this is about protecting your business so that you can have an income and provide for your family.

I Work in an Office Doing Accounting

Professionals like accountants, attorneys, and more need to have insurance to protect their Fall River business. Professional liability insurance, which falls under the business insurance category, is the type of policy that you will want to have in place. These policies cover common claims such as negligence, misrepresentation, inaccurate advice, violation of good faith, and more. Working directly with customers providing services opens you up to a variety of potential complaints, and professional insurance is there to help mitigate circumstances that would hurt you personally and force you to close your business, even if you did nothing wrong. Call your Boufides Insurance agent today to discuss your professional business and find out what insurance you will need.