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Errors and Omissions Insurance Massachusetts

What is Error and Omission Insurance?

Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage is a form of specialty business insurance that can be tailored to suit your specific business. This type of policy provides a special type of liability coverage that best suits the industry and employees of your business. In most cases, Errors & Omissions coverage can be tailored to cover the risks and exposures that your particular business can face.

Why do I need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

If you own a business that provides any type of advice or professional opinion (i.e. doctors and lawyers), then it is extremely important for you to have Errors & Omissions coverage along with your business insurance. Errors & Omissions insurance that protects you from just that: errors and omissions caused by your employees. This type of policy covers most costs and claims that may occur because of errors caused by employees, failure to complete/perform work promised within a contract, etc. It’s important to consider all the risks to your business and all possible errors, omissions, and mistakes that can be made by professionals in your field.

A company that chooses not to purchase E&O coverage is taking a serious financial risk. These types of losses are not covered under a general liability policy, and even if you aren’t at fault, litigation is both time-consuming and expensive. As with any insurance, the best time to buy an E&O policy is before the risk is taken. Customers will also feel secure knowing that if an error occurs, they will be compensated.

If you’re in any business where you provide a service to a client for a fee, you’re subject to E&O exposure. Even with the best employees and the best risk management, there is room for human error. No one is perfect; Boufides Insurance Agency understands this. For more information on obtaining Errors and Omissions Insurance contact, Boufides Insurance Agency at 508-587-7500 or fill out our online form above for your FREE Errors and Omissions Insurance Quote today!

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